I’m a sucker for a good logo design, and I can’t get enough of these entrancing art pieces that reimagine famous logos as medieval illustrations. Artist Ilya Stallone has turned some of the most iconic branding into ye olde masterpieces. If you fancy making your own unique logos, why not check out our guide on how to design a logo?

Each illustration features beautiful parchment-style texture and an iconic old-English font to really make it look like a traditional art piece. The quirky character designs are a particular highlight, and you wouldn’t be a fool to assume these were real middle-aged illustrations.

We first reported on this artist back in January 2022 when we shared our favourite of his logos, but since then Ilya Stallone has continued to transform some of the most famous logos we all know and love.

Rolex new brand

Credit: Ilya Stallone

This delightful fellow is a particular highlight. Although the original Rolex logo has no frog in sight, Stallone has cleverly taken the original green font as inspiration to design an accompanying froggy friend to wear the iconic crown. It’s certainly a lot cuter than the original design.

KFC new logo

Creditr: Ilya Stallone

This reimagining of the KFC logo is another favourite. Stallone has transformed the iconic Colonel Sanders into an artistic portrait with his hair piece evolving into a chicken (as you do). I particularly love how the background resembles that of a traditional coat of arms that features the iconic shade of red that KFC uses in its branding.

We see a lot of smart branding redesigns by other artists, like these gorgeous vintage logos that take us on a nostalgia trip. In fact, sometimes the fan designs are better than the original company itself if that terrible Hersheys rebrand is anything to go by. But overall, Stallone has done an excellent job in reimagining these popular brands in his own unique way that everyone can appreciate.

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