Getting started with any form of painting can be challenge. Although acrylic paint is considered to be one of the most beginner-friendly mediums to start with, it can still be daunting. But beginner painters on Facebook are loving these video tips that demonstrate a clever way to start creating compositions.

The technique starts with small dots of paint spread over the canvas. It’s hard to believe that they will become a piece of figurative art. But the dots of paint are spread and mixed together, and the scene takes shape. You can see some of the videos below (see our pick of the best drawing books for more tips).

Videos shared on Facebook(opens in new tab) by Painting Tips and MAY Art demonstrate a process that involves starting with small blobs of paint on the canvas, with the colours in the positions where you’ll need them in the composition. These are then spread out with quick brush strokes and mixed to create the scene.

In the video above, we start with shades of blue in the top rows of dots for the sky, and then yellows and red for the desert sand. In this and many of the videos, other techniques are also used, including the use of sponges, combs, cotton wool and other tools.

In the video above, we can already see the shape of the composition in the arrangement of the dots, but you might still be surprised by the final result.

This video starts with the same dots technique and then makes liberal use of a comb and a toothbrush to create texture in the waves in a coastal scene. “The technique is superb,” one fan commented.

These Facebook users certainly aren’t the first to demonstrate the neat technique. There are also tutorials on YouTube, including from Serena Art(opens in new tab), so there are plenty of examples out there to try. If you need supplies, see our pick of the best acrylic paints and the best acrylic paintbrushes.

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